Temporarily Reset Prospero v3 Mini

v3 Mini Temporary Reset

The Prospero v3 Mini does not have a full factory reset feature. However, if you get into a situation where you can’t connect to the configuration web interface because you don’t know the unit’s IP address, you can use the Temporary Reset feature to gain access.
This feature will reset the device’s IP address to and boot the device into a safe mode where none of the configuration data is parsed. The configuration data will not be wiped, but you can bypass it to get access and then edit the data yourself.

To Perform a Temporary Reset:

  1. Power the unit on with all switches in this configuration:
      • Switch 1: ON
      • Switch 2: OFF
      • Switch 3: ON
      • Switch 4: OFF
      • Switch 5: OFF
      • Switch 6: ON
      • Switch 7: ON
      • Switch 8: OFF
      • Switch 9: OFF
  1. Access the device’s configuration interface by entering into a connected computer’s browser.
  1. Under Configuration Options, set the IP Address to your desired IP.
  1. Power the unit off.
  1. Reset switches into any other configuration and power back on.
You should now have access to the configuration interface using the IP you set!
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