Prospero Overview

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The Prospero DMX Cue Light Controller outputs 24 slots of DMX based on the positions of the switches on the front. The LED above each switch indicates the status of the DMX output for that channel (that is, what the output the controller is sending, not just what position the switch is in).


DIP switches on the back allow you to set the start address of the 24 switches, whether the inputs are analog or digital, and whether the 24th switch functions independently or as a group switch.

DMX Pass-Through

The DMX ports on the back of the device are a straight pass through - rather than a DMX In and DMX Out, they're both connected to a DMX transmitter as long as the panel is switched on. This lets you hardwire backups inline: which device is in control is determined simply by which one is turned on.


The switches can be easily rearranged and repatched, or even replaced with blanks for easier grouping, allowing for complete customization on a per-show basis.

Additional v3 Features

With the Prospero v3 update, an ethernet port now allows for PoE power, as well as advanced configuration of switch addressing. With the new configuration web interface, switches can now control multiple addresses and specify any levels from 0-255, rather than the simple on/off function of the Prospero v2.

Mini Desktop Features

Prospero Mini is a 9-switch desktop version of the Prospero v3. With RGB LEDs instead of interchangeable lenses, and access to the full v3 configuration web interface, the Mini provides a simplified Prospero experience.