Prospero Troubleshooting

Below you’ll find solutions to some common Prospero problems. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, reach out to us at support@benpeoples.com and we’ll help you out!

No DMX Output/LEDs Don’t Match Switch State

Are the LEDs lighting up in sequence, but there's no DMX output and the switches don’t control the LEDs?
The DIP switches may be set incorrectly - this is a test mode the panel gets into when all of the DIP switches are turned off at boot.
Turn the panel off, check your DIP switch configuration, and try turning it on again.

Testing the DIP switch module

Do you suspect a bad DIP switch module?
Test the DIP switch module by doing the following:
  1. Unplug the cat5 cable that runs into the module
  1. Turn the panel on
  1. Plug the cat5 cable back into the DIP switch module
This will put the whole panel into a test mode where the 16 DIP switches are shown on the first 16 LEDs. They will update live as you adjust the switches, and the panel will output no DMX.
If the LEDs don’t update correctly as you change the DIP switches, then the module is bad and should be replaced. If the LEDs do update correctly, the module is in working order.
Once you have a functioning DIP switch module, turn the panel off and back on with the cat5 cable plugged in to reset to normal operation.

Panel Turns Off Unexpectedly

Does the panel turn off when you flip a particular switch on, and then turn back on when that switch is flipped off?
If this happens, you most likely have a switch that’s plugged in backwards.
The wiring on the switch is white-red-black. If you plug the switch in backwards, turning the switch on connects the red and black wires together (shorting 5V to GND) instead of connecting 5V to the white signal wire.
See how to repatch switches for instructions on plugging switches in correctly.

Panel Reboots Continuously

When you turn the panel on, do you get the startup chase and then… you get it again over and over again?
This usually means the DIP switches are set incorrectly (or the DIP switch module itself is bad). Check that your DIP switches are set correctly, and if they are, try testing your DIP switch module.