Prospero v3 Mini Hardware Setup

What’s in the Box?

A standard Prospero Mini unit includes:
  • Prospero Mini cue light panel (1) with (9) permanent switches
  • PoE power injector (1)


On the rear of the Prospero Mini case are two connectors:
  • XLR F-5P: this is a 5-pin female XLR connector for direct DMX connections
  • etherCON: This is an etherCON connector for configuration, sACN data, and PoE power
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Connecting Power

To power the unit:
  • PoE (802.3af Class 0, or 48VDC passive): Connect the unit to a PoE switch or power injector via the unit’s ethernet port. The device is on whenever it is plugged in.
When you connect power, all the LEDs should light up from the center outward. Then DMX output will start, and the LEDs will reflect the switch state.

Connecting Data

There are two options for connecting data to the unit.
  • DMX: The DMX ports on the back of the device are a straight pass through - rather than a DMX In and DMX Out, they're both connected to a DMX transmitter as long as the panel is switched on. This lets you hardwire backups inline: which device is in control is determined simply by which one is turned on.
  • Ethernet: The Mini uses ethernet for configuration settings, as well as outputting sACN universes to control cue lights. If ethernet is already connected for PoE, you’re all set. If not, connect the unit to your network switch via the ethernet port on the back.
These options can be used individually or simultaneously - see Prospero v3 Mini User ManualProspero v3 Mini User Manual for details on data output and configuration
Having problems? Check out the Prospero TroubleshootingProspero Troubleshooting page for answers.