Set Up Software & Account

Set up Account

Miranda is not only a device, but a service as well.  You will need an account to sign into the Miranda Programmer and the Miranda Management Portal, giving you access to the Cloud Services that are an integral part of Miranda.
Email support@benpeoples.com with your preferred email address in the body of the email, so BPI can set up your account. 
Part of this account setup will include a new Project that will have your Miranda device(s) already added to it, so you can begin programming and controlling your Miranda system immediately.

Install Software

Go here to download the latest version of the Miranda Programmer app.  Double click to install the software on your system. 
After install, open Miranda Programmer.  You will be greeted with this screen.
Image without caption

Sign In

Under Miranda Cloud Login, fill in your account email and click Request Token.  Once you’ve done this, it will only take a minute or so to get your code via your registered email account. 
When the email arrives from Miranda Login (search your spam folder if it doesn’t appear after five minutes), copy the code into the field labeled Token and press Authenticate
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If your email doesn’t appear to work, email support@benpeoples.com for assistance.
Once you have logged in, you will see the following feedback to confirm:
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You will need a new token every 30 days. If you don’t sign off, your system will be ready to go every time you open the Programmer. If you do sign off, you will need to request another token to resume access.