Configure and Connect Hardware

There are two ways to configure your Miranda device: Simple Network Setup and Static IP.

Simple Network Setup

The easiest way to get Miranda onto your network is to allow your DHCP router to assign an IP address to Miranda.
Once you plug Miranda into your network, it will receive an IP address.  Your device will be entered into your default project and is now ready to program from anywhere.
This method is preferred, since it is easiest for the installer.

Static IP

If you are not able to connect Miranda to DHCP, you can still find Miranda’s IP address.  If Miranda does not receive a DHCP IP address within five minutes of powering up, it will default to 10.1.X.Y. 
The values for X and Y will be the last two segments of the device’s MAC address, found on the front of Miranda. 
The MAC address uses Hexadecimal, so use a Hexadecimal to Base 10 converter to find the correct values. 
Example: For device BC:DD:C2:C9:00:7F, input 00 and 7F into the converter. 00= 0, 7F= 127, so this device will default to if no DHCP server is found.
Miranda’s subnet will be