Miranda can control 300 fixtures per unit, spread across two DMX universes of output.  A fixture can be a single-parameter dimmer or a multi-parameter LED fixture with emitters.
What counts as a fixture? A dimmer is a one-parameter fixture, an RGB LED is a three-parameter fixture, and an RGBW is a four-parameter fixture.  Each fixture counts towards your 300-fixture limit, regardless of how many parameters it has.
Miranda has Phoenix connectors for DMX, as well as contact closure inputs. 
Contact closures are input triggers assignable to cues.
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DMX connections are labeled on the outside of the case: Data +, Data - and Common.

Contact Closures

  • 1 thru 4 are contact closure inputs
  • 5 is Common for 1 thru 4
All contact closures appear in the Triggers Tab to assign to cues.  The closure is triggered by connecting the contact closure input to common.


This is a three-way switch:
  • Roll the switch away from the phoenix connectors for contact 6
  • Press the switch for contact 7
  • Roll the switch towards the Phoenix connectors for contact 8
As the switch is a local control, this is intended to be utilized to initiate a test sequence during troubleshooting.