Miranda Overview

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The Miranda Lighting Controller is a three-part system made up of the Miranda Device, the Miranda Programmer software and the Miranda Management Portal.  These three things allow a richly varied amount of control and options to create your projects with.

Miranda Device

This is a 5v device that outputs hardline DMX (no streaming DMX protocols currently) across two universes for up to 300 fixtures.  Miranda has contact closure inputs and a built-in three-way switch to trigger events. Miranda networks to other Miranda Devices to provide synchronized playback accurate to within 200 ms, allowing your projects incredible scalability. 
The Miranda Device receives programming data from Miranda Programmer and accepts playback commands from the Miranda Management Portal.

Miranda Programmer

The Programmer allows you to set up each fixture in your installation, with pre-made profiles for common fixture types. Use the Programmer to program cues, determine triggers for cues, and upload all show data to the controller from wherever you are in the world.

Miranda Management Portal

The Management portal hosts playback of cues with system functions (for those with full admin permissions) or without (simple playback for clients).  The portal also allows you to transfer Miranda devices between projects and restructure your Miranda systems.