Basic Button Station Functions

Before diving into how to program Rosalind Pro, it’s helpful to understand some basic button functions. These will come in handy later as you begin planning out your looks and snapshots!

Basic Button Interactions

Short Press

To activate a button’s function, short press it. A short press is a normal button press that lasts less than half a second.

Long Press

To long press a button, press and hold it. After a little longer than half a second, the LED color will change from the normal pressed color to a pale yellow color.

Default Button Behavior

By default:
  • Short pressing a button activates its function
  • Long pressing a button will deactivate it. Normally this is a fade to black, but it could vary based on the programmed behavior.

Push On/Push Off Mode

In Push On Push Off mode, you activate a button by pressing it, and then deactivate it by pressing it again. Long press is still active, but does the same thing as a short press.

Program Mode

When programming buttons, you put each button into Program mode. A button will blink to indicate that it’s in Program Mode - you can then long press the button to save the current snapshot or color selection.
After recording, the button station will preview the stored preset for 30 seconds. You can long press the button during this time to cancel this preview.

Special Button Functions

Raise/Lower Intensity

Raise Intensity and Lower Intensity button functions behave slightly differently. They do not have an active mode and will always return to idle after they have been pressed.
Short pressing a Raise or Lower button adjusts the intensity incrementally each time it is pressed.
Long pressing a Raise or Lower button will continuously fade the intensity until you stop pressing the button.
The continuous intensity fade works best if you set the fade time to something fairly quick like 250 milliseconds. There are 32 intensity levels, so at 250 milliseconds per fade it will take about 8 seconds to fade from one end to the other.

Off Buttons

Pile-on Off and Off (stop DMX) also do not have an active mode.
They will deactivate any active buttons, but will also return to idle color after you have pressed them.

Page Switching

Rosalind Pro can save up to 8 pages of presets.
To switch between pages, long press the 1 and 8 buttons at the same time. If multipage is enabled, they will both light up the long press color.
When you release them, the buttons will change to a rainbow array, and you will be in Page Switch mode. Short press the button that corresponds to the page you want to switch to, and it will switch to that page.