Rosalind Pro Programming Overview

There are several options for programming Rosalind Pro, with varying levels of granularity and control over the features and presets. This is an overview of the options, from simplest to most complex - details on how each options works can be found in the following sections.
The simplest way to program Rosalind Pro is to connect directly with a lighting console of your choice. This allows you to create and save your snapshots to the buttons, but does not allow for using Rosalind Pro’s built-in effects, or for changing parameters such as fade times, button modes, or button colors.
Still simple to use, but with access to almost all of Rosalind Pro’s features, an RDM tool will allow you to change parameters like fade time, as well as using the built-in effects. You can quickly set each button’s parameters and effect type, then switch over to your RDM tool’s DMX mode to set colors and snapshots.
Connecting to Rosalind Pro via Ethernet allows you to program through the web interface. This gives you a more detailed look at all of your buttons and snapshots, and allows you to change all of the modes and button settings, including the backlight color of each button. Snapshots can also be built through the web interface.