Programming Rosalind Lite with a DMX Lighting Console

Connecting your Lighting Console

To connect to Rosalind Lite with a lighting console, simply plug the DMX output from the console into the DMX In port on the back of the button station.
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Putting Buttons into Program Mode

To put all 8 buttons into program mode, simply long-press buttons 3, 4, 5, and 6 (by pressing the crossing of all four buttons). After a little longer than half a second, all four buttons will change to pale yellow. If programming is not disabled via the RDM interface, all 8 buttons will start blinking - this indicates they are in Program Mode.

Recording Snapshots

Use your lighting console to build your desired snapshot, then long-press the button you wish to save the snapshot to.

Taking Buttons Out of Program Mode

If you do not need to change the programming on all 8 buttons, simply program the buttons you need and then power cycle the controller. The buttons you recorded will be saved, and all others will retain their previous programming. Alternately, you can use an RDM tool to disable programming on the remaining buttons.