Tybalt Overview

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Tybalt is a simple, single-purpose continuity tester for RJ45 and EtherCON cables.
It’s important to note that Tybalt can’t tell you if you have a working ethernet cable. He’s simply making sure all the conductors are connected correctly, with no opens, shorts, or crossovers!


Unlike traditional multi-function cable testers that work more slowly, one conductor at a time, Tybalt gives you a way to quickly check all 8 conductors at once, instantly displaying 8 green or red LEDs to let you know whether or not each conductor is good.
Like other testers, he does test each conductor individually; he just does so quickly and then assigns a pass/fail to each one.
Tybalt will also detect crossover cables: crossover conductors are displayed in yellow instead of green, but they are considered “pass” rather than fail.