Basic Button Station Functions

Before diving into how to program Ganymede, it’s helpful to understand some basic button functions. These will come in handy later as you begin planning out your looks and snapshots!

Basic Button Interactions

Short Press

To activate a button, short press it, which will fire the short-press function. A short press is a normal button press that lasts less than half a second.

Long Press

To long press a button, press and hold it. After a little longer than half a second, the LED color will change from the normal pressed color to a pale yellow color, and the long-press function will fire when the button is released.

Default Button Behavior

By default:
  • Short pressing a button will activate it, firing its short-press function.
  • Long pressing a button will deactivate it, firing the long-press function.

Push On/Push Off Mode

In Push On/Push Off mode, you activate a button by short-pressing it (firing the short-press function), and then deactivate it by short-pressing it again (firing the long-press function). Long press is still active, but does the same thing as a short press.