Replacing the Lawrence Main Board (How-To)

Main Board Release Notes - v1.3

Board Replacement Instructions

  1. Unplug the unit from power source.
  1. Remove 15 screws from all sides except the back of the case:
      • 4 screws on the face are circled.
      • Arrows indicate screws on the top (4), bottom (3), and sides (2 on each side).
      • There are 4 screws in the back, which DO NOT need to be removed.
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  1. Case will separate into two pieces. Unplug 5 molex connectors and 2 ribbon cables from existing main board.
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  1. Remove the 12 screws mounting the main board to the front face.
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  1. Old board will separate. Use 12 screws to reinstall new board with female connectors up.
  1. Plug in the cables:
      • Plug in the ribbon cable to the 7p XLR module on the top of the new board.
      • Plug in the RDM 6p molex (connects to back of the case) below it.
      • Plug in the ribbon cable to the 8p RJ45 jack on the bottom of the board.
      • The remaining wires should be bundled. Plug them into the remaining 4 molex connections.
  1. Reattach the 2 case halves with the remaining 15 screws.