Lawrence Troubleshooting

Below you’ll find solutions to some common Lawrence problems. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, reach out to us at support@benpeoples.com and we’ll help you out!

Intermittent Fail

With a known-good cable, Lawrence periodically fails the cable, switching from “OK” to flashing to “FAIL”, with no movement of the cable or changes to configuration.
Unscrew the bottom right screw from the top left 3-pin XLR connector.
  • If removing the screw solves problem, it’s a known problem with a simple fix - just follow the repair instructions below.
  • If removing the screw does not solve the problem, contact us to return the unit for service.
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Repair Instructions:
  1. Disconnect power and open the case. Leave the screw out of the XLR connector.
  1. Locate the screw boss for the 3-pin XLR connector indicated above. You will see a metal plate coming out of it.
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  1. With fine point tweezers, carefully slide this plate back towards the green PCB. It takes some force, but it will come free.
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  1. Dispose of this piece and reassemble the case.
  1. Re-insert the screw in the XLR connector.